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4 Apr 19

GSE hands over Marseille's new cinema EUROPACORP La Joliette

After two years of surveys & design and one and a half years of works, GSE delivered Marseille’s new 14-screen, 2,081-seat multiplex cinema, which opened its doors on Friday 29 March 2019. EUROPACORP LA JOLIETTE, a subsidiary of Cinémas Pathé Gaumont, commissioned GSE to build this cinema, which includes the latest technologies and innovations for an outstanding cinematographic experience.
Packed with technology

Designed in collaboration with MAP architecture-Renaud Tarrazi, the new EUROPACORP LA JOLIETTE cinema has 14 screens, 2,081 seats, a spacious and welcoming entrance hall with a food court, as well as a rentable section with a terrace, covering a total area of 11,975 m². Quality and moviegoer comfort were central to the project. The cinema was built to the highest standard, with the latest technological innovations developed by Cinémas Pathé Gaumont. In addition to the eight conventional screens of various capacities, the multiplex includes a Dolby Cinema auditorium, a Kids! room and a 4DX/ScreenX theatre*. EuropaCorp La Joliette tops this off with a Premium Area (including a private lounge and bar) and three rooms based on novel concepts. The multiplex was designed as a modern, friendly and intergenerational living space. Particular attention was given to the quality of projection and comfort. All the conventional auditoriums are equipped with laser projection, armchairs with wider armrests & higher backrests, and 1.20 meters between the rows.

360° construction management

GSE carried out all the construction work from A to Z, from earthworks and site remediation, through the covered enclosure, technical installations and finishing works, to the complete fixtures and furnishings of all the premises. In addition, to ensure the smooth running of the project and compliance with the commissioning schedule, EUROPACORP LA JOLIETTE asked GSE to provide the project management for the sound and projection equipment, layout work, the auditoriums’ seats and miscellaneous furniture, as well as signs and signage equipment. Like all GSE projects and buildings, this project was carried out using BIM (Building Information Modelling). This technology helps ensure the quality of design and execution, in particular by simplifying structural and technical visualisation.

At the heart of Marseille’s new neighbourhood

This development is one of the flagship projects of EUROMEDITERRANEE, the largest urban renewal initiative in Southern Europe, carried out on a 480-hectare (1,190-acre) site in the heart of the city of Marseille. Located in the centre of La Joliette neighbourhood, the cinema is part of a dense and complex urban environment. It is the highlight of the EUROMED CENTER commercial and service centre, which also includes four office buildings of approximately 10,000 m² each, 2,000 m² of shops and services, a 210-room 4-star GOLDEN TULIP RESORT hotel, an underground car park with 840 spaces and 4,000 m² of landscaped space.

* About the EUROPACORP La Joliette cinema:

14 screens seating 33 to 386 people.

The Dolby Cinema auditorium
Dolby Cinema is an experience that combines innovative imaging (Dolby Vision) and sound (Dolby Atmos) technologies with exceptional comfort (wider, premium seats, fully reclining back & legs) and sophisticated design (an immersive audio-visual corridor as you enter the room). 222 seats

The 4DX and ScreenX auditorium
The 4DX auditorium combines realistic seat movements with some twenty sensory effects (water, smoke, lightning, smell, snow, etc.), in perfect synchronicity with the action on screen.
The ScreenX technology offers 270° panoramic projection thanks to projectors placed on either side of the room, enabling images to reach the side walls, beyond the screen. This extends the film’s experience and substantially increases the spectators’ immersion. 108 seats

The Kids! room
Designed for children (and their minders), the Kids! room screens family movies in an environment where they can choose their seats according to their whims: from benches to Fatboy® beanbags and deckchairs for two. Created in partnership with LEGO, the room has LEGO play areas, including one for toddlers with LEGO DUPLO bricks and a slide. Seats 71