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29 Mar 21


The new logistics warehouse that GSE Spain has delivered to MERLIN Properties is one of the largest in Spain, with a surface area of close to 100,000 m2 and located in the municipality of Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara), one of the logistics epicentres of the Iberian Peninsula, thanks to its unbeatable road connections. The new platform, apart from its extension, stands out for the high degree of efficiency, sustainability and environmental respect achieved in its construction, making this project an unprecedented success story in Spain. In fact, the logistics project has become the only one in Europe to obtain LEEDv4 Platinum certification, and the third in the world.
A unique project in sustainability

 To achieve excellence and the highest LEED certification, the warehouse has incorporated various innovative solutions to achieve sustainable construction and reconcile the ecological impact and well-being for those who will use the space.

One of the biggest challenges for GSE in this project has been the management of rainwater on the site itself due to the limitation of the area's own collection network.  To this end, GSE, together with recognised specialists in the sector, designed and built a system of underground vaults for the collection of rainwater. These systems, known as SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), replicate the natural process of the water cycle, minimising runoff and maintaining the previous hydrology of the environment.

In addition to reducing the flow discharged into the network by rain, SUDS reduce the pollutants that are concentrated when carried by the water flow and reduce the risk of flooding due to the saturation of conventional networks, but they also have other functions, such as preventing water pollution, minimising economic costs in rainwater management and improving the urban landscape.

On the other hand, the roof of the building is of the deck type, a type of metal roof with rigid insulation and TPO sheeting as waterproofing. In addition to having three safety systems, the structure was reinforced in the areas susceptible to water accumulation in order to contemplate exceptional rainfall effects.
Project figures
The project, fully adapted to the current needs of logistics operators, has a total of 196 loading bays, 659 parking spaces, as well as 1,500 m2 of office space and 46,000 m2 of developed outdoor area.

Both GSE and the developer MERLIN Properties have invested time and budget in order to achieve the highest level of environmental certification. This has been possible thanks to the good relationship between the two companies, which share similar sustainability values and challenges.

"We have been very demanding in meeting LEED requirements in terms of energy consumption, climate and ventilation," says Joan Carles Aguado, Technical Director of GSE Spain. The building has been developed as a turnkey project and has been promoted by MERLIN Properties.

This new development by GSE testifies to the success of the logistics sector in Guadalajara and in the national territory in general, caused largely by the rapid growth of online sales experienced in the 2020s.