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22 Apr 21


GSE China, the Chinese subsidiary of GSE, has just signed with the PRD group, a specialist in office real estate, activity and logistics property, the construction of a XXL logistics platform. Equivalent to 18 football pitches, this 130,000 sqm platform, located in the heart of the Minhang District, will be operated by one of the most prestigious international luxury group.
A logistics platform of 130,000 sqm on 3 floors

This new logistics platform, with a total surface area of ​​130,000 sqm, will include two three-store warehouses fitted for automated storage and dedicated to e-commerce.
The two warehouses, both 36 meters high, will be served by a central ramp, serving two courtyards receiving heavy goods vehicles on the second and third floor. The site will have 140 parking spaces for trucks, enabling optimal flow.
Located on a plot of 90,000 sqm, the complex will also accommodate office space over an area of ​​3.830 sqm, the space dedicated to logistics storage representing 106,000 sqm.
GSE was commissioned by PRD to carry out the various study phases: preliminary studies, on field technical due diligence, concept design.
As a global contractor, GSE manages the entire project, from design to construction.
"We are extremely proud of this collaboration with PRD. This association on this emblematic project brings together the best of GSE's know-how and skills on this type of operation", stated Roland Paul, GSE’s Chairman.
The construction works are to last 17 months and the building delivery is scheduled for September 2022.
A site of high environmental and architectural value

Alongside a particularly sophisticated architecture and a very high level of details and finishes, the site will also host a whole set of green spaces.
Aiming for one of the highest environmental certifications, the platform will be equipped with 16,000 sqm of photovoltaic panels on the roof, enabling a production capacity of 2 megawatts.

Supporting the growth of an international leader

This new, more modern, larger and more environmentally friendly site meets the expectations of PRD, a company specializing in office, business and logistics real estate.
This platform will be operated by an internationally renowned luxury group in order to respond to the growth of their e-commerce activity in Asia and in particular in mainland China, its key market.

In particular, the building must have the capacity to accommodate nearly 3,000 people during activity peaks, such as November 11 sales.

GSE: a presence of 25 years on the Chinese footpath
GSE is the only French construction company operating as a general contractor in China. Established in China since 1996, GSE has built more than 1.5 million sqm there for various clients: Alstom, Air Liquide, Adidas, Becton Dickinson, Bestseller, GGB, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, Schneider, Walmart ...

Today, the GSE subsidiary is located in Shanghai and constructs turnkey buildings all over mainland China: in Shanghai and its region, Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Canton, Wuhan, Nanchang.

“GSE has provided its services to major groups and medium-sized companies for over 20 years in China. It is a great honor for GSE to once again gain the trust of a global leader in its sector», says Roland Paul, GSE’s Chairman. "We, at GSE make a point of sharing our local experience with our longstanding clients and supporting their building projects of any size.”