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18 Mar 21

KRAMP and GSE ITALIA build a new distribution centre in Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Construction work continues on the new distribution centre in Reggio Emilia for the Italian division of the Dutch group Kramp, a European leader in the distribution of spare parts & accessories for the agricultural sector. The new centre – which includes offices and a spare parts warehouse – is strategically located and will become the main hub for the shipment of spare parts & accessories to the Italian customers.
A new 17,822 sqm distribution centre

The new 17,822 sqm building complex is not the first project that Kramp has entrusted to GSE. The two companies have been working together for years and completed various projects in France (Poitiers, 2015), Germany (Strullendorf, 2017) and the UK (Biggleswade, 2020).

The new centre is located in Reggio Emilia, in the Gavassa-Prato business district. This area was chosen by Kramp at the suggestion of GSE, which identified the land for its client and – with help from advisors – carried out the acquisition due diligence and urban planning activities. GSE is managing the project in collaboration with architects A2N from Piacenza, who are responsible for the design, works management and safety coordination.
The building has 12 loading bays and 211 parking spaces. It includes 2,805 sqm of office space and a 10,620 sqm state-of-the-art spare parts warehouse with an automated conveyor system for the handling and storage of goods. The warehouse also has a 4,800 sqm racking area on several levels and a 3,500 sqm mezzanine for operations. The building envelope will include several innovative and high-performance solutions, such as a semi-flat “Bac-Acier” roofing with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.23 W/ m2K and a continuous aluminium and glass façade body with insulating sandwich panels and a heat transfer coefficient of 0.34 W/ m2K.

Construction of the building complex began in July 2020 and the handover is scheduled for May 2021. The investment also includes a series of urban planning works such as the requalification of via Tirelli and adapted landscaping.  In fact, the project is particularly noteworthy for the attention paid to the environment with the integration of 11 charging stations for electric cars, the creation of 13,000 sqm of new green spaces to the south and west of the site and the addition of a nearly 1 km-long lit cycle path.
A strategic position in Reggio Emilia  

The new centre is located in Reggio Emilia, about 70 km east of Bologna. The position is strategic, just across from the A1 motorway – a main North-South corridor in the country’s road network – interconnected with the major national hubs.

“This project is exemplary of what client support means at GSE, both in terms of operating cross border with a deep knowledge of local contexts, and “vertically”, by identifying & acquiring lands, obtaining building permits through complex urban planning procedures and carrying out the works on a turnkey basis within the agreed time frame and budget. A Global Contractor specialising in the needs of SMEs.”
Valentino Chiarparin
Country Manager
GSE Italy